K2 is an Izmir based, non profit, artists run organization which is active since 2003. It is located the centre of the city and it is committed to developing a broad range of international and national exhibition projects and also presents a wide range of public programs including lectures, seminars, performances, film and video screenings, publications and a studio for guest artists. K2 aims to support the emergence of and to promote encounters with contemporary visual art.

K2 is the first and only sustainable contemporary art venue in the city of Izmir. And it functions as an alternative to established institutional format. It is a self- organised and self-supporting artist organisation.

K2 aims to work with artists who are at the beginning of their careers, as well as giving more established artists an opportunity to create new works.

K2 shows a varied programme of extensive solo exhibitions, thematic group exhibitions and smaller art events in various formats. K2 organises approximately five/six large-scale exhibition projects per annum in conjunction with up to 12 smaller projects.

K2 offers a platform where art is created, discussed and mediated to the public.
There are 12 resident artists studios. Importantly the studios offer a unique opportunity for our visitors to be able to meet and talk to artists and have a personal encounter with the process behind their practice. Besides permanent studios K2 offers a guest studio for international artists. It is an important tool to create interaction with the local artists and public.

A public programme of seminars, discussions, artists in conversation, publications and an artists portfolio archive are prominent features of K2’s work. K2 intends to be an open and inviting place for the local public and to play an active role on both the national and international art scene. Also K2 has a small sized library with references to visual arts.

The venue is run on a non-profit basis, under the auspices of Ayşegül Kurtel. Since the very beginning all the events are organised by initiative artists.